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SAT or ACT Small Groups:


SAT or ACT Preparation Classes

All groups consist of eleven 3-hour sessions. Small groups are limited to six students each.
Enrollment is now open for the following study group dates. Fill in the registration form and we will take care of you!


We are now enrolling students for our SAT or ACT Small Group (6-8 students each) prep classes:



(in preparation for the January 21st SAT and the February 11th ACT)

NOVEMBER 19, 2016 – JANUARY 14, 2017

Saturdays, 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Tuesdays, 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Diagnostic Test:  November 19 (Saturday)

All groups are 11 sessions each and include 33 hours of tutoring and testing. The tuition of $1,395.00 includes all materials.

PSAT Merit Program:

The PSAT wil be the qualifying test for the National Merit Scholarship program.

There is only one chance for Juniors to score in the National Merit Scholarship range, and that chance will be this October, 2016. Should a student score in the top 5% of the nation next year, a significant honor will be achieved, leading to college recommendations from the College Board itself and possible scholarship awards for the finalists in the competition.

Our staff will offer a specialized program of study to small groups of high-scoring students. Individual Dimensions has created a program that has produced a number of National Merit finalists, semi-finalists, and commended scholars.
Individualized attention is a major factor in this program, and is also a reason for limiting each group to only 6 students.

The tuition is $1,395. Tuition includes registration, materials and all sessions. Private Merit program tutoring is $90/hour.

A deposit of $300.00 will reserve a seat for your student in this program, and the remaining $1095.00 will be due on the date of the first session. Filling in this form will reserve your place. You will receive a return call to complete your enrollment.

Your acceptance will also be subject to your student’s score on the PSAT given last October. We recommend a selection index of 170 or more (the sum of the three subject scores) on the 10th grade PSAT.

Summer Tutoring:

Summer Tutoring: Speed Reading, Writing, Study Skills, College Entrance Preparation, All Academic Subjects- General Mathematics, Geometry, Algebra, Calculus, History, Languages

Get Ahead in the Summer Months!

We offer a complete summer program for educational enhancement. Summer months may be the opportune time to give your son / daughter the educational edge with which to begin the new school year.

Popular Subjects:

Popular subjects for individual tutoring during the summer are speed reading, composition and term paper writing, study skills / time management and college entrance test preparation.

Mathematics-All Levels:

We assist students with Mathematics from elementary grades through college-level Calculus: Geometry, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, Pre Calculus, Calculus AB, AP Calculus, Trigonomentry, College Algebra.

Virtual School

Let us help you pass your virtual class! We can assist with classes taken on-line whether they are in place of summer school classes or for educational enrichment.

Geometry Preview:

10 private lessons provide an introduction to geometry which is designed for the students who will be taking the PSAT or SAT without the benefit of a full year of Geometry.

Reading/Study Skills Enhancement:

Our Reading and Study Skills Enhancement program will present an effective approach to reading comprehension. An integrated set of six, one-hour lessons over a 3-week period will combine reading strategies, study skills and writing techniques in a way that will help make new textbooks “make sense,” organize study time, and translate learning into written form. Also included will be techniques for increasing reading speed.

Skills Enhancement:

Individual Dimensions offers a study group as a supplement to our popular H.S.P.T. program. This class, entitled Skills Enhancement, focuses on those math and verbal skills that have proven to be particularly problematic for students who take High School entrance exams (also for placement in Honors programs).

Any Academic Subject:

Tutoring is also available in any academic area that a student may need for summer school assistance.

Kindergarten through 8th Grade Tutoring:

Our approach to tutoring unique as we plan a set of lessons for a K-8 student.

  • Each student is evaluated by our elementary or middle school specialist in the areas of reading, writing, math or study skills.
  • A program of tutoring sessions is then designed for the SPECIFIC NEEDS of your child. The student is NOT just assigned a place in a previously structured, generic set of lessons.
  • Your child works with the same tutor each session so that a rapport develops between the student and the teacher, and he/she has the tutor’s full attention for an entire hour of one-to-one instruction.
  • Lessons are conducted in small, private classrooms, one classroom for each student with his/her private tutor.
  • The tutor will give the parent a brief update on student progress after each meeting. Should a longer conference be desired, it is always available.
  • Upon parent request, our tutors will communicate with the student’s classroom teacher.
  • All of our teachers who teach students in grades K-8 are certified.
  • When our licensed school psychologist has tested a student, the tutor and the psychologist work together to assure that the most appropriate set of lessons is being conducted to accommodate a student’s specific learning style.
  • Whether a set of lessons has been created for educational enhancement, elevating a student’s reading level, or supplementing a student’s daily learning, our tutors present those lessons in a caring and professional manner at all times.

Private Tutoring:

For rapid improvement and focused success.

Standardized Tests Preparation:

Preparation for the SAT, SAT Subject Tests, PSAT, and ACT covers test-taking techniques, actual timed tests, and assistance in the student’s particular weak areas.

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