Academic Subjects- All Grade Levels

Supportive instruction in subjects and grade levels from elementary to junior college assists our students with success in the classroom. After a personal diagnosis, an individual course of study is prescribed to meet each student’s needs.


We cultivate writing proficiency at all levels with attention to classroom assignments, research papers, and various forms of written communication.


We assist students with Mathematics from elementary grades through college-level Calculus: Geometry, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, Pre Calculus, Calculus AB, AP Calculus, Trigonometry, College Algebra.


We can assist with classes taken on-line whether they are in place of summer school classes or for educational enrichment.


We are happy to help your child with Biology, Physics, IPS, and the general sciences.


The curriculum in these tutoring sessions assists students with their approach to study, time management, academic motivation and test-taking techniques while helping each student tailor an appropriate study plan.


Middle school through adult students can increase their speed in reading while still retaining the necessary comprehension.


A problem in reading comprehension can affect performance in many subject areas. We identify the student’s current reading level and provide lessons to bring him/her up to the proper grade level of achievement.


  • Each student is evaluated by our elementary or middle school specialist in the areas of reading, writing, math or study skills.
  • A program of tutoring sessions is then designed for the SPECIFIC NEEDS of your child. The student is NOT just assigned a place in a previously structured, generic set of lessons.
  • Your child works with the same tutor each session so that a rapport develops between the student and the teacher, and he/she has the tutor’s full attention for an entire hour of one-to-one instruction.
  • Lessons are conducted in small, private classrooms, one classroom for each student with his/her private tutor.
  • The tutor will give the parent a brief update on student progress after each meeting. Should a longer conference be desired, it is always available.
  • Upon parent request, our tutors will communicate with the student’s classroom teacher.
  • All of our teachers who teach students in grades K-8 are certified.
  • When our licensed school psychologist has tested a student, the tutor and the psychologist work together to assure that the most appropriate set of lessons is being conducted to accommodate a student’s specific learning style.
  • Whether a set of lessons has been created for educational enhancement, elevating a student’s reading level, or supplementing a student’s daily learning, our tutors present those lessons in a caring and professional manner at all times.

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